DAN (Formerly known as Undeveloped) Gives Access to 50 Million Registered But Unused Domain Names

Undeveloped, the domain marketplace, today announced to have crawled and indexed over 50 million registered but unused domain names. With over 288 million registered domains finally everyone has access to these "hidden" domains. Undeveloped is changing the domain industry by making the buying and selling of domains transparent, easy to use and secure.

Before today, unused domain names were scattered across the web, making finding the right name both time-consuming and frustrating. With Undeveloped's new service, over 50 million unused domain names are now searchable and accessible to buyers making it easy to connect with domain owners, start a conversation and close transactions safely and securely.

For domain sellers, Undeveloped provides an easier way to put domains in front of a prospective audience. "We instantly set up this beautiful for sale page for you on your own domain name that starts organically attracting domain buyers for you," said Reza Sardeha, Undeveloped's co-founder and CEO. Besides that it just takes a couple of clicks to start selling your domains on Undeveloped as they provide easy-to-use portfolio management and negotiation platform facilitating domain sales.

"We were driven by our own experiences trying to buy and sell domain names, to make the process less convoluted," said Reza Sardeha.

"How many times have you wanted to buy a domain only to find the page covered in ads and no idea who the owner is? Our goal is to bring transparency to the process and the index is the first step to identifying what's available in the marketplace."

Today Undeveloped also announces having secured a seed round of €350,000 from Axivate Capital.

"It's clear the domain industry is just waiting to be disrupted," said Axivate's Bas Rasker. "We believe Undeveloped, with their team and track record, are moving in the right direction to upend this difficult-to-navigate industry."

About Undeveloped 

Launched in 2014, Undeveloped is reinventing domain trading from start to end by making domain trading open, transparent and accessible to all. Open to buyers and sellers alike, Undeveloped offers easy, fast and secure transactions through their open marketplace. Today Undeveloped provides access to over 50 million registered but unused domains to its marketplace so that anyone can find and secure the perfect address for their next project or business. Buy and sell your domain names at Undeveloped.com.

Original source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undeveloped-gives-access-to-50-million-registered-but-unused-domain-names-505285191.html

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