Radix to “rent” some premium domains by the month through DAN.COM

Undeveloped tests domain leasing offering.

New top level domain name company Radix has teamed up with domain marketplace DAN.COM to sell some of its premium domain inventory by the month.

Called “Domain Rental Market”, some of the domains Radix reserved from registration are now available to rent by the month. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the domains outright, but still not cheap.

For example, you can rent Toy.store, Carpets.store, Gift.store, Pet.store or Book.store for $6,667 a month. 

While you might be smirking at these ridiculous prices, the good news is that the Radix deal is a test before Undeveloped rolls the rental option out to other sellers.

Also known as domain leasing in domainer circles, offering lease-to-buy and monthly payment options to domain buyers is becoming a popular way to bridge the divide between what domain owners want for their domains and what buyers can afford. It’s good to see another marketplace testing out a leasing solution.

Source: https://domainnamewire.com/2017/01/25/radix-rent-premium-domains-month-undeveloped/

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