Dan.com product update #3

What's new at Dan? In this third prouct update we share with you some of the more impactful product features and improvements that we've deployed for our users recently.

1: A new selling option is added for our sellers to choose from. You can now set your entire portfolio or some of your unpriced domains on the new Price Request option:

Minimal template Price request.png
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Brandable price request.png
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Classic template price request.png
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The feature works best in combination with the new Minimalistic domain for sale page that we've introduced recently. However, you can also enable the feature on the Standard or Brandable for sale page we offer.

The price request feature will generate more leads for domain sellers as it lowers the barrier or entry for buyers to engage with you. The option also doesn't signal any price to the buyer yet leaving room for negotiations. We advice our sellers to use this model for the more high priced domains in your portfolio.

Using this feature, still allows you to use our brokerage services, as long as the buyer submits an equal of higher offer than $1000.

2: The most advanced, easy-to-implement & feature-rich domain distribution network is now out of Beta and available for enterprise-level integrators! Read more: https://blog.undeveloped.com/the-first-open-domain-distribution-network-is-live-2cd734cfc6ae

3: We’ve introduced a more user-friendly & clear way of making changes in your settings & individual domain edit page.

4: For sale page preview functionality, get inspiration on which templates will work best for your domain portfolio. You can see the examples in your settings & individual domain edit page.

5: Inventory sanitization, we’ve got a daily monitoring system that will keep our inventory clean by deleting “confirmed dropped/expired” domain names from dan’s inventory. Once deleted the seller will receive an email mentioning the domain names in question.

6: System & infrastructure upgrades, which have resulted in faster load time, improved user experience and search engine indexing.

7: Brokerage division optimization, iterated to a smoother lead submission & handling process.

8: Introduced a revamped API documentation page, to increase the number of integrations and impact of our distribution network: https://dan.com/api-docs/index.html

What’s coming soon

1: Payoneer payout integration for faster, smoother, and cost-less bank payouts.

2: Portfolio V2 upgrade, introducing a fully revamped advanced domain portfolio management system.

About Dan.com

Buying a domain name has been needlessly complicated. And selling domains? Not much easier.

So we started Dan! The no-nonsense domain trading platform.

We’re on a mission to make domain name trading available to everyone. Easy, fast and secure. And, most importantly: transparently. Because we believe transparency is the key to a better domain world. That’s why we do what we say. And we say what we do.

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