Building trust is key to selling domains

“All good relationships are built on trust”

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You are more likely to buy something from someone you trust. That condition of trust is the reason for the importance of clarity of language in order to increase your credibility as a seller. Our marketplace acts as another element for your credibility.

We envision a much more open and transparent domaining industry which will result in a more active unused domain aftermarket.

What we do addresses the issue of trust through a strong focus on transparency between both buyers and sellers. Our entire product and service breaths transparency to make buyers and sellers feel at ease.

Besides that, our team continuously monitors all activity on our domain marketplace and makes sure all buyers and sellers are well informed about the processes involved in buying and selling domains. We continuously work on improving the experience for both sides by introducing ease of use and clarity throughout the entire process.

What you can do

You can increase trust with your potential buyers by providing detailed information. Make it visible who you are, elaborate on your background, in order to allow for an open and transparent negotiation process. We summed up a bunch of steps which will help you to polish up your account and increase your credibility.


Your seller profile is your own unique domain storefront. The first impression counts and this is the place where your buyer drops by to learn more about you. That’s why it’s important to tell something personal about yourself in your profile bio. Read more about this in the biography section.


Our mission is to make the domain industry open and transparent. This is why we ask everyone to fill in their full name or company name. We have seen that there are more offers coming in on domains which have a real name instead of a fake one. It seems quite straightforward that “crazyguy76” will have less success. Another big advantage of using your real name is that it makes it easy for a buyer to enjoy a personal interaction with you. Anonymity only leads to confusion and untrustworthy practices.


Tell something about yourself! Potential buyers want to know who they are dealing with. Where do you live? What’s your profession? Are you a business seller? What does your company do? What tagline or slogan do you use. What’s your mission? You can fill in your biography by clicking on your name (upper right corner) and clicking on “Settings.”


Give your profile a trustworthy look by adding your profile picture. You probably have a picture on linkedIn or Facebook which you can use for this! Take advantage of this feature because buyers want to know with who they are dealing with. If you are a business, please add your business logo if you have one!


Pricing is important! It’s essential for first time buyers, if they have no idea what to offer then they mostly just go away and start looking for another domain. Read one of my previous articles about pricing here:


Reply with words, not with numbers! Your negotiations will go a lot better when you are not only shooting out numbers but building a relationship with your buyers. Leave the potential buyer a message. We have seen some potentially great sales go wrong due to lack of extensive and respectful communication. Some communication and negotiation tips:

  • Thank the potential buyer for making an offer
  • Tell the potential buyer why the domain is of high value
  • How many type-ins does the domain have per month?
  • When did you registered the domain (domain age)?
  • Was the domain developed before?
  • Does it have a Google or Alexa ranking?
  • Respond quickly!

The response time is probably the most important item to keep in mind. It is mostly a mutual interest to move fast in the process and it will help to avoid that your buyer shifts focus to another offer. You will benefit from taking the time to create transparency in the transaction process by providing additional information and building relationships. This kind of transparency is the unique element facilitates through our platform in order to increase your sales ratio.

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Buying a domain name has been needlessly complicated. And selling domains? Not much easier.

So we started Dan! The no-nonsense domain trading platform.

We’re on a mission to make domain name trading available to everyone. Easy, fast and secure. And, most importantly: transparently. Because we believe transparency is the key to a better domain world. That’s why we do what we say. And we say what we do.

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