Dan.com product update #6

What’s new at Dan? In our product updates, we share with you some of the product features and improvements that we deployed recently. While we have new updates to share, our mission to make domain trading available to everyone remains the same.

1. Introducing new domain edit pages.

We added a lot of new functionalities to the domain edit pages, and it’s now possible to change everything related to your domain management on this page. Furthermore, we focused on updating the user experience by completely re-organizing the page into different subsections. Check out the video update below for a more in-depth explanation of what’s new and how the new feature works:

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2. Sharing custom categories.

In the previous product update, we introduced the ability to create and manage custom categories. Now we added the opportunity to share these categories, and you’ve got two options:

1: Create a public link; anyone you share this link with can view that domain category.

2: Add the category to your public seller store, so your buyers can easily browse through your custom categories.

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3. Introducing multiple payout options.

Many sellers requested the option to have multiple payout settings, so we’re excited to introduce this new feature! In a nutshell, this new payout section allows you automatically override your “default/preferred payout method” once the payout exceeds a certain amount. Please view the product update video for a short introduction.

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4. Buyer wish list on inactive domains.

When a domain goes inactive, it can be frustrating to save this page to your bookmarks and check it every day for any updates. With the new wish list feature, you can simply fill in your email, and we will notify you of any future updates for this domain!

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5. New GoDaddy CashParking PPC pages.

You can now use the GoDaddy CashParking PPC pages on your domain. Click here to learn more!

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6. Added the “Parked” filter on the portfolio.

We added a new filter: Parked. With this filter, you can now easily filter on parked/unparked domains. We take domain management seriously, so we’ll continuously add new features and optimizations to our portfolio management. Stay tuned!

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7. Bulk import overview improvements.

It is now possible to download a list of all domains that failed to import. This way, you don’t have to manually go through your domain names to discover which ones are missing.

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8. Added user language recommendations based on IP and browser language.

We introduced a new language recommendation banner so we can easily provide the user's preferred language. We believe that this helps lower potential language barriers.

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9. Notify the seller when we notice a login attempt from a different IP address.

Your security is important to us, so we added additional account security measures to make sure you’ll be notified right away once we notice a login attempt from a different/new IP address.


10. Additional Dan bot automation.

We added more Dan bot automation resulting in smoother and faster domain transfers and payouts. This is a continuous improvement process since we always aim to innovate and automate to make the seller and buyer experience as optimal as possible. So, more and more automation is coming! 


12. Portfolio parking checker and statistics now update more frequently.  Now the parked statuses in your portfolio will be more accurate since it's being synched more frequently. SSL certificates will also be generated more frequently.

What’s coming next?

1. Afternic DLS network integration

All opted-in distribution network inventory will be added to Afternic’s DLS network. This means that your opted-in domains will benefit from being shown in the search results of 150+ partners including most top registrars. Priced domains get searched 40 million times each month in the Afternic DLS network!

Therefore this integration will be huge for our sellers since it will increase the chance of selling your domain names while the domain transfer and payout will still go through Dan. Head here to opt-in your domain names, and we’ll immediately add the opted-in domain names to Afternic’s DLS network once this step in the integration completes!

2. Advanced buyer control panel (specialized for end users and resellers)

Sneak peek shown in the product update video here!

3. Introducing an advanced calculator option in your portfolio manager.

With this new feature, you can easily update the pricing of your selected domains in bulk.

About Dan.com

Buying a domain name has been needlessly complicated. And selling domains? Not much easier.

So we started Dan! The no-nonsense domain trading platform.

We’re on a mission to make domain name trading available to everyone. Easy, fast and secure. And, most importantly: transparently. Because we believe transparency is the key to a better domain world. That’s why we do what we say. And we say what we do.

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